Pirate Divers Grand Cayman - Scuba Diving in Grand Cayman

Cayman Diving

Our available dive packages cover the entire island of Grand Cayman, depending on wind direction, sea swell and weather; we always have a sheltered shore on our island. We have 2 boats on separate sides of the island. One on the west or south governed by sea conditions and runs directly from 7 Mile Beach or one of many docks depending on where has been requested in advance by our guests. The second is based at the Barcadere marina on the north side of the island, catering to North side dive trips , Sting Ray City snorkel trips and Rum Point/Kaibo sightseeing/lunch & relax trips.

Cayman DivingWe will pick you up in one of our vehicles and drop you back after each trip or if you have transport we will give you our departure location for each day, however 70% of the time it will be West Bay dock as our west bay boat is moored there overnight.

Our gear trailer has a fresh water rinse bin actually on the trailer so we dip your kit right off the boat making sure no salt drys on your gear, then we hang it up in our secure mesh trailer so it can start to air dry on the trip back to your hotel. So whatever suits you we can do full care, drying and secure storage of your gear so when you show up on the boat your equipment will be set up for you. If you want to take it away with you it will already be rinsed and packed away.

We cater to small groups and excellent dive guide to diver ratios, so have a maximum of 6 people on any of our boats for dive trips , this means we can give you the individual attention to enjoy the trip, as well as making sure the chosen dive site is not over crowded allowing a steady pace to the dive and a chance for everyone to get to see the really cool stuff from shoals of reef fish , down to the tiny cleaner shrimp hiding out or the elusive and beautiful spotted drum. We have found in the past too many divers may be great for the bottom line, but detracts from the experience for every diver on the boat.

Every day we run a 2 tank AM dive boat, taking you to the wall for a deeper dive first to a maximum 100ft Cayman Diving(approx) but the dive profile is run to cater for all, so if you want to stay a little shallower you can still follow the guide who will be leading a profile to suit all. The second dive will be a reef or wreck dive, usually a 60ft maximum dive depth to allow a longer bottom time, without dive time and decompression becoming an issue.

We often get a request for the Kittiwake wreck as second dive and this being such a popular and stunning dive we will schedule visiting her 3 times each week on AM dives, however we understand that if you are with us a full week or more, you would not want to be on the same site over and over, so we can tweak this as needed by the dive group.

Afternoon dives are either one or two tanks, and can either follow the deep - shallow profile of the AM trips or a double shallow for less experienced divers or divers in training. Basically, it will as much as possible run to request so we can cater to all your needs during a full diving day. No issues, just ask and we will try 100% to fit a trip to the needs of everyone on the boat.

Cayman DivingIced drinking water and snacks are provided on all dive trips, as well as fresh towels for each diver. We also offer the option to take advantage of the islands fabulous shore diving and offer guided day and night shore dives to all the best sites around the island. The shore dive locations are stunning and best enjoyed with a guide, specially Macabuca, Eden Rock/Devils Grotto and the wreck and mermaid from Sunset.

On the north shore we run daily Kaibo/Rum point trips and charters that can also include both dives and social/sightseeing options to allow family and friends to relax and we can join them for lunch between dives. We can deal with each option daily so again just ask the question and we will try and find a perfect solution for you.